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1276 N 15th Ave Ste 102
Suite 102
Bozeman, MT 59715


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John Carey
Welcome to Bank of the Rockies. We are the Oldest Bank in Montana and take pride in our tradition of service. We are a family-owned and managed bank that believes in putting the customer first through convenience, local decision making, and a commitment to our communities.

Our business plan has always been built upon growth through integrity, consistency, dedication, and respect for our customers. We believe in working hard as our clients do to ensure they have a safe place to store their hard-earned dollars. Moreover, we take no greater joy than when we are able to make someone’s dream happen with a loan for their new car, home, business, or agricultural production.

Above all, however, I could not accomplish this without my incredible staff. Each one of them is the embodiment of my business principles, and they all know the importance of going beyond banking as usual for our clients. There is a reason we are the Oldest Bank in Montana, we believe in our state and are here for Montana. If you are looking for a bank, I encourage you to stop into one of our beautiful offices and meet our employees; moreover, feel free to reach out and give me a call.