Our Mission

Our organization is dedicated to preserving a quality of life in Southwest Montana that is consistent with our community’s value. We offer the benefit of experience, the strength of numbers, and the energy of men and women who fight for affordable housing and a fair and equitable business environment.

As our region continues to grow, we seek to ensure that Southwest Montana offers vibrant communities, that local building and home maintenance businesses support one another, and that those of us in the Industry are aware of the latest news in legislation at the local, state and national levels. We support members through Advocacy, Networking, Education, and Resources.

SWMBIA aims to create the best communities in Southwest Montana and with that, to support the businesses and individuals that build those communities. We are the voice of the home building and remodeling Industry.


Montana is my home

I moved to Montana to provide a better life for my family. And that’s why serving SWMBIA is important. Because we fight for positive growth in our communities, benefiting our families and the local businesses that create housing and developments for us all.

What We Do


We lobby at the local, state and federal levels to protect and better the interests of our Industry. We also push for affordable housing for families in Southwest Montana. We want to protect homeowners from undue regulation and increased costs. In alignment with NAHB, we seek to lower FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums, to keep mortgage guarantee fees down, and to secure PMI tax deductions, Energy Efficient Remodeling Tax Credits, and Energy Efficient Home tax credits.


The more SWMBIA members work together, the stronger we become as an organization. We bring members together to promote business with one another. Through monthly dinners, golf tournaments and other opportunities, we ensure our members meet, greet and connect. We also introduce members to the general public through the biggest home events in Southwest Montana.


We provide educational seminars and other learning opportunities to members. This ripples into increasing the professionalism in the building industry.


We offer the latest Industry news and tools through the SWMBIA website, monthly newsletters, special member discounts, legal recommendations and other services to support members.